Java Fundamentals

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Subject: Java Fundamentals


  • Verifying Java JDK installation is correct or not from command line.

  • Installation of Eclipse IDE
  • Creating a Simple Java Application. (Hello World Program)
  •  /**  
      * This class implements the HelloWorld program  
      * @author srinivas.kadiyala  
      * @version 1.0  
     public class HelloWorld {  
           * Using comments in HelloWorld  
          public static void main(String[] args)   
               //Hello World Program  
               System.out.println("Hello World Again");  
               //Hello World Output - Spaces within the braces  
               System.out.println( "Hello World before Space in braces");  
               //Hello World Output - Spaces outside the spaces  
               System.out.println("Hello world before space outside braces") ;  
               //Hello World Output - New Line and Spaces within the braces  
                         "Hello  World"  
               //Commenting out the program.  
               //System.out.println("Hello World Last Time");  

  • Run the program from Eclipse

  • Run the Program from Command Line.

Step 1: Compilation of Java Code. - Successful.
Compiled without any errors.

Step 2: Running the Program.
Error: Could not find or load main class HelloWorld.

Tried different ways to make it correct. But after few minutes, with help of stackoverflow. Performed Step 3.

Step 3: Running the Program.
D:> java -cp . HelloWorld

-cp . means referring current classpath.

Program ran successfully and displayed the Output.

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