First Day at Online Hands on Testing Training By Ajay Balamurugadas

Few Days back i have enrolled to Online Hands on Testing Training By Ajay Balamurugadas,which does for three days a week (Monday,Wednesday,Friday).

Today was the First day of the Fourth Batch.

We started our first session @ 10:00 P.M till 11:30 P.M (IST) via Skype.

The session started with count down of 4..3..2..1  minutes..

Here are topics:

1. Ajay asked: To Introduce about themselves
2. Ajay asked for What are the expectations from this training's?
3. After 11 mins,Ajay asked: Do u see running pencils while typing the messages in the skype?
How can we reduce the time of running pencils,not more than 3 seconds?

Answer: Not Typing is first answer :)
But,Think How can we chat,if we dont type?

Other Answers are:
2.Other Editors (Notepad)
3.Switching off Pencil Feature
4.Short sentences - sms - write faster

4. Do you heard about "Six thinking hats for Software" ?

Watch this Video by James Bach:

5. Do u know - How to remove the running pencil while typing the message in the Skype?
In the Skype:
Go to Menu bar then select Tools, then Options...
Then Select IM & SMS from the options on the left.
Then Click Show advanced Options and remove the tickmark before the "Show when I am typing"

6. Ajay asked us to pick a partner in 1 minute (who is unknown)
Answer: I picked  Sudhamshu as my partner.

7. Ajay then shared an Image via skype
Everyone started to download the image
Then Ajay told: "Did I ask you to download?"

Answer: No...

Lesson Learnt from this: We should be Situationally AWARE..Its just an assumption to think which was not told to do.

8. Ajay then asked: To talk to the partner and know about him for 5 mins.
Then asked him to tell about the partner.

Then Ajay made teams of two persons (who are not partners before)

Three points Ajay has conveyed:

a. You ask if you don't know. There is no expert here. Everyone is here to learn. If you are feeling shy, you will continue to feel shy in this world. Let this course give you the courage to question & be a good tester.

b. Be a skeptic. Don't believe everything I say. As James Bach says - think for yourselves.

c. Relax, its just a course ... everyone learns in their own style. If you are facing difficulty in this course, speak up, Interrupt!

Finally at last: Ajay asked to rate the session from one of the three:
a) Like
b) Neutric
c) Dont Like

The Concept of this training was:
"Your learning is directly proportional to the effort you invest in this course" with other minor things being constant.

The Next Class is on Friday..Will get back with updates soon.

Happy Testing.. :)

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