Learning Something New: 16/07/2018

"Be more consistent than everyone around you and you will win

Subject: Web Application Security

  1. OWASP - #1: Broken Authentication and Session Management
    • What is HTTP
    • How web server communicates with web application
    • What is meant by Stateless protocol.
    • What is Session Identifier (ID)
    • Why do web applications use Session ID
    • Identify the pattern of Session ID's in your application.
    • Is your session ID displaying in the URL of the web aplication?
      • Can anyone use the same URL and impersonate the session

Subject: Accessibility Testing

  1. Tool used to evaluate the web application for Accessibility.
      • WAVE - http://wave.webaim.org/
  2. Understanding the tool, how it works.

Exercise: Enter the URL of the website and Hit Enter.
Summary will display errors, warnings, information etc.

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