BDD in Action

As I Joined Moolya in the month of September 2018 and working on a Client Project, I have encountered many new things which I never experienced before. 
One of the Topic is Feature Files and Step Definitions.

Now, for every new learning. I think and co-relate them to Golden Circles.

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WHY - I Wanted to know why Feature Files and Step Definitions are Built, What is the Usage of doing them in the Software Development Process.

HOW - I wanted to know how they are built, and I started looking for books to read, asking the testing community about what to read and learn about them.

WHAT - Started reading the Book: "BDD In Action". Now, Completed Chapter -1 from the Book.

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Highlights from Learning:

  • Creator of BDD - Dan North
  • Why Building Software makes a difference - Building Software right vs Building right Software.
  • BDD tools can help turn these requirements into automated tests that help guide the developer, verify the feature, and document what the application does.
  • BDD isn’t a software development methodology in its own right. It’s not a replacement for Scrum, XP, Kanban, RUP, or whatever methodology you’re currently using.
  • BDD incorporates, builds on, and enhances ideas from many of these methodologies.
  • How BDD In Action improves the software development process, eliminates the uncertainty and locks down the requirements.
  • BDD Principles and Practices
  • Gherkin style of writing Features in a Feature Files (Given, When, Then, And, But)
  • Scenarios and Examples
  • Writing an executable specification for each step in scenarios: Step Definitions (High Level)
  • Writing unit tests for the high-level specifications. (Low-Level Executable Specifications ~ Unit Tests)
  • Tools to use for writing High-Level Executable Specifications in general and in Project
  • Tools to use for writing Low-level Executable Specifications in general and in Project.
  • Benefits and Potential Challenges with BDD.

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