Comparing two text or excel files

TestingDriveThru: Challenge from last week and How I dealt with it.

Challenge: Comparing two text or excel files

Initially, the challenge does look like simpler to read. 
But the challenging part is to Comparing Huge File which contains records more than 100k.

I was advised to use Araxis Merge. It is a Desktop App.
It has 30-day trial version and Commercial Version. 

This is very simple tool. Easy to install in few steps.

Tool is self-explanatory. We just need to explore the options to try out.

When we Open the desktop the Araxis Merge. We see two split windows, to compare two files.

Note: We can compare 3 files also.

We can drag and drop the files into Text Comparison 1 and Text Comparison 2

Araxis Automatically compares the files. The Non-Matching text will be highlighted between two files.

We can generate the report of comparison. By clicking on the Report Option.

And it generates HTML Report:

It is simple to do and use in quick way.

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