What is done in month of November 2016 ?

This Post remarks the progress and tasks done in the month of November 2016.

Career Life:
The two below courses are done during the course of month.

Lesson Learned:
1. Apache Solr course was done to understand the basics of the Solr Core.
2. Building Career Plan course was done to motivate myself in learning.

Topic TypeCourse Course FromCourse Status
Apache SolrGetting Started with Enterprise Search Using Apache Solr - Xavier MoreraPluralSightCompleted
Career PlanningBuilding and Managing Your Career Plan - Jason AlbaPluralSightCompleted

Work Life:
Work increased at office for Project Delivery, sometimes working day and night.

Lessons Learned:1. Working with team members of testing team.
2. Giving a ownership for each member and Everyone in team is important.
3.  All tasks are distributed equally and rotated for every iteration of work - So No One Man Army Concept.

New Concept Introduced:
The #FiveHourRule introduced to few team members as a introductory. Concept is to Team members Work & Learn and Share the Learning's via Presentations.

1. Those who stopped learning (or) have a answer saying : No Time to Learn new things.
This concept of 30 mins a day approx. Self Study can re-assign the learning and Grow in Career.
2. Group Study with Other team members
3. Presentation Skills will be improved
4. Q&A Section will be interactive and Face to Face.

It is not THE END And CDP Plan is Ready for December Month...  Stay Tuned for Next Post :)

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