Are you Interviewing Testers ?

Are you recruiting or interviewing testers? - Then hear is my little experience shared.

I usually get mails to take interviews for my team. Due some constraints like More focused on Work (or) its on Automation testing. I dont want to be a Fake interviewer asking which i dont know (nor) i din't have thinking energy to ask questions.

I never look from where the interview candidate came from (Location / Reference), as its biasing objects.

Recently, I had an interview scheduled. Usually, when any candidate attends - I hear the same answers:
"I have brushed up the concepts two days, I have went for training XXX at Bangalore, I heard it but i dont remember"

Yes, we all forget the definitions. We never use them while testing the real-time applications. 

My Thoughts to take Interview is:
Give a Web Application or Mobile Application or Web App to test for 30 mins 
and Find out the Issues or Bugs or Questions.
This is what candidate needs to do , when selected.

But due time constraints and resource (not people - Machines) to arrange, Its hard task to interview with my thought process.

So, I took the interview to candidate with real-time example scenarios to write and test it with IMAGINATION, as its very important to test in real user foot steps.

And Surprisingly, I get information that candidate is referred by ABC Person and later Candidate tells to ABC Person - Interview was tough!

Then i asked a friend, who recently attended an interview - He said, they gave Multiple choice questions from ISTQB papers. - I had no comments, what to say!

Its sad, but true that a lot of testers either interview in this traditional way or get interviewed in this way.

Hope a day in my career will come where i attend/take interviews while testing a real-time applications.

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