Awarded 7th Position- "Marble Mobility Cloud Platform" - Testing Contest

"I believe that we learn by practice".

For the first time, last week I participated in a Testing Contest.

The testing was on "Marble Mobility" Website.


It was 4 days online contest and Total number of testers participated were 103.

I was unaware of how it would be, as I haven’t tried this before or in my job as I was a lone tester.

In this, there is a challenge. The Bugs should be reported before than any one does it. In this way u will get to know more about the website and report the bugs to the client to fix them as soon as possible.


The overall experience of this testing contest was good.

I learned how others testers think in finding the bugs to make the product/website more quality.

Contest Result:

The result of the contest I participated...

I have been placed at "7th Position" in Top Ten".

Quote of the day:

I do not fail. I succeed in finding out what does not work.

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