Improper Tab Indexing on Microsoft Office Offer website

My Friend Kamlesh Rao ( Blog ) , Independent IT Consultant -  has posted an offer from Microsoft Office on Facebook.

The link given: takes to

The offer is good.. So i skipped the first and lets atleast sign up for an email newsletter.

When you click on the sign up button,it takes to:

Most of the people when usually see the form to be filled,they just select the first text box and then use tabs to go to below text boxes.

But when u enter the Email Address and then press tab,Every one expects the focus on Confirm Email Address Text Box....

But it the tab index appears on Submit Button.

Then i again used the tab, But now the tab index was on LOGO. (Suprisingly)

Then After the tab index was on Confirm Email Address.(Text Box)

Then it was Country/Region.

Every one would expect as after filling the form,the tab index would be on Submit Button. But it wasn't.

How come Microsoft missed to check the tab indexing...Many People use mouse (rarely) inspired from Rajasekharan Vengalil (Blog),Developer Evangelist at Microsoft.

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