Career Celebrations

I started my career in the year 2012. From the day i started my career - I used to work hard with dedication and there were success happened - may be I got promoted or launched a project. But dint celebrate for the achievements which i have achieved, and still achieving.

I am kind of person who feels - "Today is another chance to be Great"

I decided to mark achievements by eating something special - Ice creams or anything, which i wanted from long time. This helps me to feel and accomplish more career goals and note the success.

Last Working at Unilog Content Solutions, Mysore.

For Completing 6+ years in Software Testing Career. 

For Receiving an Award "Outstanding Techy Award" (Jul-Sept 2016) from Unilog Content Solutions. 

For Receiving an Award "Above and Beyond" (Apr-Jun 2016) from Unilog Content Solutions.
19th September 2015, For Completion of 3 years and Promotion to
Sr. Software Test Engineer at Unilog Content Solutions.

20th June 2015, For Completion of Challenging Project at Unilog Content Solutions

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