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Daily Learning - Day 42

Date: 17th May 2017

Topic: Notepad++ - Day 02

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Usually, When i open server logs with Huge data, as mentioned in Day 38

It was becoming hard to delete the irrelevant data for each line. 

Then, I thought there would be some one who would have similar thought and problem.

Finally, got the answer. There is a new feature in Notepad++

Feature: Column Mode Editing

Using either of the options.

  1. Alt+Mouse Dragging
  2. Alt + Shift + Arrow Keys

column mode

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Daily Learning - Day 41

Date: 16th May 2017

Topic: Accessibility Testing - Day 02

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Taking part of #60DaysofTesting – Accessibility Testing, started with each topic to explore and learn.

Below are the topics I learnt today...
  • Finding out different accessibility testing tools, which can assist in testing.
  • Wave tool targets for one page at a time.
  • Chrome extensions : Deque Systems – aXe

  • aXe – provides similar information, what wave provided with more info.
Ø  Issue Type
Ø  User Impact
Ø  Disabilities Affected
Ø  Rules
Ø  How to Fix
Ø  Success Criteria
Ø  What to avoid in design implementation


Use the aXe Tool and Go to your project/website and see what problems are discovered and Read details of More info, to understand each problem.

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Daily Learning - Day 40

Date: 15th May 2017

Topic: Programming with Java – Day 01

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Taking part of #90DaysofProgramming - with Java Learning, started with each topic to explore and learn.

Why Learning Programming with Java?
There are many reasons behind it.

Below are the topics I learnt today...
Downloading and Installing the Java with latest version

Configuring the Environment Variables and System Variables to Java Path

Installation of Eclipse on Windows OS

What is Java? Is it a Programming Language or Platform?

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Daily Learning - Day 39

Date: 14th May 2017

Topic: Accessibility Testing - Day 01

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·    As I am taking part of #60DaysofTesting – Accessibility Testing
 Program, started with each topic to explore and learn.

·    This is very new field and I have never participated in my testing career. I am taking help from most of the resources available to learn.

·    But Yes, I read Accessibility testing is very important in United States, especially for Government websites. 

·    If the websites does not follow the guidelines and build a website, they may get sued from law-suit.

Why Learning about Accessibility Testing?
n  Simple Reason, WEB IS FOR EVERYONE.

n  Another, There is one project at work where it needs to meet W3C Accessibility Guidelines. So, I can try out when I get time.

Below are the topics I learnt today...
  • Different diversity of Disabilities
  • Types of People : Normative and Non-Normative (calling instead of Disability People)
  • As due to age, even a normative person can become Non-Normative.

  • Tools Used: WAVE - to scan a web page for accessibility problems.
  • Understanding the problems, what actually they mean.
  • There are few common problems in all projects
  • Example: Not Adding Alternative text for a "Non-Textual Element" such as Images. (alt="disability types")
  • Example: HTML language attribute tag needs to be there for a web page. (Lang = "en")

Use the WAVE Tool and Go to your project/website and see what the problems are discovered.

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Daily Learning - Day 38

Date: 13th May 2017

Topic: Notepad++ - Day 01

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A New thing i experimented on 11th May, at work with help of stack overflow.
Not part of actual work task. But tried to enhance my job (adding extra hours to my work).

==== More Details...

There was a new thing, learnt that from Server Logs - we can get to know if any exceptions or errors tracked while performing any action.
So took help and downloaded the server log. 
  1. Download the Server Log
  2. Open the server log in Notepad++
  3. If you see any exceptions - CTRL+F: Find for "Exception" in current document
  4. You may get (7 hits)
  5. Copy the hits to another file.
  6. Remove till FileNotFoundException: DOCUMENTS/
  7. Then you will see only PDF Names

Next, If you have a database access / you can work with dev team where you can query against the table to find the documents to which they are assigned.

But, if there are 100 documents. It is really hard to make 100 documents to make a Query.
Thus, Stackoverflow helped in this context.

You won't be able to do it in a single replacement; you'll have to perform a few steps. Here's how I'd do it:  

  1. Find (in regular expression mode):
    Replace with:
    This adds the quotes:
  2. 'Sheet2.pdf'
  3. Find (in extended mode):
    Replace with (with a space after the comma, not shown):
    This converts the lines into a comma-separated list:
  4. 'Sheet1.pdf', 'Sheet2.pdf', 'Sheet3.pdf', 'Sheet4.pdf', 'Sheet5.pdf', 'Sheet6.pdf', 'Sheet7.pdf'
  5. Adding braces manually for both ends and Doing a query can give you the results to which documents are assigned.
  6. ('Sheet1.pdf', 'Sheet2.pdf', 'Sheet3.pdf', 'Sheet4.pdf', 'Sheet5.pdf', 'Sheet6.pdf', 'Sheet7.pdf')

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What's done in the month of Mar-Apr 2017

This is second post in Series "What's done in the Month".There were few up's and down's in life (as usual) , But i have managed to learn what was planned & Unplanned.
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I contacted a person to mentor me and help in my study plan. Thankfully, he agreed and there were hours of discussions.
This time I wanted to be faithful and trust his time. I learnt this is more important for a Mentee - Mentor relationship.
To Start with, I have started using "Time Tracker - Toggl" (April 1 - April 28)
"Without learning, the wise become foolish; by learning, the foolish become wise."

Self-Paced Course 1: HTML Fundamentals

I did this course on PluralSight in the Month of April 2017. The Course was done to learn HTML, so i can use it in my future learning plans.

Self-Paced Course 2: What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS

Again, This was the recent course by Troy Hunt on PluralSight. I am interested to learn different aspects of web application. Security is one area.

Self-Paid Workshop: "Web Performance Engineering from an end user perspective" - Part 1.

Keep up the fight, keep your dreams and hopes alive Because "Failure is not an option"!!

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Daily Learning - Day 37

Date: 26th March 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

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Topic 1: HTML Fundamentals - HTML Tables

Today's learning is about:
  1. HTML Tables
  2. Different types of Table Elements: <table> , <thead>, <tfoot> , <tbody>
  3. Different types of Table Data Elements: <th> for <thead> , <td> for <tbody> and <tfoot>, <tr> - table row
  4. HTML Table Attributes

  • Border="5" - to display borders for the table & cells.
  • Align = "Center" - to align the table and cell in the webpage
  • Width= "50%" - to display the table upto 50% of webpage screen size : But in responsive, the text columns width changes.
  • Fixed Width:  Width="250px" or Width="300em" - In responsive, also the text columns width does not change.
  • colspan = "3" - Column Spanning for 3 Columns
  • rowspan ="2" - Row Spanning for 2 rows.

  • Caption : Caption for the table
  • Summary = Summary of the table
  • CellSpacing = Spacing between the Cells 
  • CellPading =  Cell Spacing between the text in the cell and cell border.


Lesson Learnt:

Always copy and paste the code in Validator and check for errors And change the code as suggested.

Topic 2: Security:  Aviation Phishing Scam

Travelling with US Airlines? Read about the Aviation Phishing Scam.

PS: Follow the Progress over here on Skills

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