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Not a Stupid Question 3: How to make your webpage faster ?

When you visit the webpage on your browser, Open Developer Tools of your browser.

  • In the Developer Tools -> Network Tab -> 
Point 1:  Check which resources are taking long time
  • Then, In the Developer Tools -> Sources Tab -> 
Point 2: Check, if  JavaScript is before the CSS file in the Folder Structure

If yes, then move the CSS Files above the JavaScript in the Folder Structure.

  • Then, In the Developer Tools -> Sources Tab ->
Point 3:  To render JavaScript file render faster, Add - async to <Script> tag. 

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Not So Stupid Questions 2 - Showing Password to users is incorrect

We have seen many websites have a Reset Password for a username.

Two Scenarios:

One: Password is sent as a plain text.

Note: Don't Send Passwords in the plain text.

Example: Here, displays password in the email.
Issue: Dont neglect this security issue ! You might be noticing your own website one day in the 

Two:  Reset link will be sent to the websites 

When a Reset Link is clicked - It redirect to reset password page.

Example: Here is the Yahoo - Reset Password page

It shows "Show Password" - Check box - Selected by default.

Now, Un-check the check box selected and Type the Password in the text box area.

Bug: We don't expect to see the password shown while typing, but it displays the password.

PS: Please let me know, if any questions.

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