Are you Interviewing Testers ?

Are you recruiting or interviewing testers? - Then hear is my little experience shared.

I usually get mails to take interviews for my team. Due some constraints like More focused on Work (or) its on Automation testing. I dont want to be a Fake interviewer asking which i dont know (nor) i din't have thinking energy to ask questions.

I never look from where the interview candidate came from (Location / Reference), as its biasing objects.

Recently, I had an interview scheduled. Usually, when any candidate attends - I hear the same answers:
"I have brushed up the concepts two days, I have went for training XXX at Bangalore, I heard it but i dont remember"

Yes, we all forget the definitions. We never use them while testing the real-time applications. 

My Thoughts to take Interview is:
Give a Web Application or Mobile Application or Web App to test for 30 mins 
and Find out the Issues or Bugs or Questions.
This is what candidate needs to do , when selected.

But due time constraints and resource (not people - Machines) to arrange, Its hard task to interview with my thought process.

So, I took the interview to candidate with real-time example scenarios to write and test it with IMAGINATION, as its very important to test in real user foot steps.

And Surprisingly, I get information that candidate is referred by ABC Person and later Candidate tells to ABC Person - Interview was tough!

Then i asked a friend, who recently attended an interview - He said, they gave Multiple choice questions from ISTQB papers. - I had no comments, what to say!

Its sad, but true that a lot of testers either interview in this traditional way or get interviewed in this way.

Hope a day in my career will come where i attend/take interviews while testing a real-time applications.

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STRLS Planet - Research & Learning List -1

I started researching a new topic each day towards my learning goal.

Below are the topics learnt from Apr 30 - May 9. (This series will be updated for every 10 days)

1. Why designs impacts Performance 2. How page load impacts page ranking in search engine.
3. How page load time impacts performance. 4. latency vs Bandwidth. 5. How Mobile network effects performance.
6. How Mobile network communication happens.
7. Remember Me feature will have expiry date.
8. External third party apps (js files) should be async. As it decreases page load time time.
9. What is DNS Lookup 10. How does content load from server to webpage
11. Connections between Web page and server. 12. What is SSL Negotiations. 13. Page Weight - How to calculate.
14. Web Accessibility 
15. How to make USA Websites Accessibility Complaince. 
16. The U.S. Access Board - Rules
17. Accessibility Web Standards WCAG and Section 508.

Note: You can follow up-to-date conversations on Twitter @srinivasskc - 

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