Daily Learning - Day 15

Date: 15th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: cURL - Installation & Testing

Download the Curl: 

Go to https://winampplugins.co.uk/curl/
Then click on selected downloads 64/32 bit files
Rename the file to Curl
and Extract it
Copy the Extract File to : C:\
Now, Curl folder displays inside C:\ Folder

Installing Certificate:
Go to https://curl.haxx.se/docs/caextract.html
Then Download : cacert.pem
Rename the cacert.pem to curl-ca-bundle.crt

Add the curl folder path to your Windows PATH:
In the Start menu, right-click This PC and select More > Properties .

Note : In Windows 7, right-click Computer and select Properties .

Click Advanced System Settings .

In the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button on the lower right side.

Select the "Path" variable in System Variables , and click Edit .

In the Edit environment variable dialog box, click New and add the path to the curl.exe file. Example: C:\curl

Windows 7 : In the Variable Value textbox, append a semicolon to the value, followed by the path to the curl.exe file. Example: ;C:\curl

Keep clicking OK to accept the change and close the dialog box.

Testing the cURL Installation:
Go to CMD -> curl www.google.com

This should display results

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Daily Learning - Day 14

Date: 14th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: CDN's - Content Delivery Networks

  • What is CDN - Content Delivery Network

  • What is use of CDN's over hosted Server.
  • What resources can be hosted on CDN's.
  • What is the response time of webpage when used resources from CDN
  • What is the response time of webpage when used resources from Single Hosted Server
  • What is distributed CDN's.
  • Advantages of Usage of CDN's 

  • Who are the providers for CDN's

  • How to know which website using CDN's.
Resource: To find out, what resources of webpage are from CDN.

Navigate to http://www.cdnplanet.com/tools/cdnfinder/

Enter the URL of your site - www.packetcode.com
It will scan your full site and provide list of resources from website using CDN and CDN Names.

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Daily Learning - Day 13

Date: 13th January 2017

This week a new tool to explore and learn how i can use in testing work.

Topic 1: Charles Proxy - Basics
  • Why Use Charles Proxy?
  • What is in Charles Proxy Tool?
  • How to Install Charles Proxy ?
  • How to capture the browser requests from Charles Proxy?



Test 1: Google Analytics Debugging with Charles

  • Analyzing the data captured by Charles Proxy 


Test 2: Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

  • What are the different protocols displaying in the response header and analyzing the protocols.


Topic 2: Can I Use 

  • This website is used to find the Compatibility Support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and other technologies in Various Browsers.


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